For our latest poll, we asked “Who was the Best Chief of Security Officer?” Thousands of fans replied and the winner was… Worf, who nabbed 44% percent of the vote. In order after Worf were Odo with a very respectable showing of 32 % and then, dropping off precipitously, Tuvok (13%), Pavel Chekov (6%) and Tasha Yar (5%). Here are some fan comments:

“Worf! No one swung a bat'leth like him!” – James B.

“Worf was, by far, the better officer in Starfleet, but Odo was, by a narrow margin, better at the particular role.” – Bill Wellman

“I'm all about Odo. Worf was good, but the relationship between Odo and Quark (security and crook) was awesome.” – Gage Johnston

“Odo/Worf (Tie)” – Charles Baxter

“Tasha Yar!!! That chick could definitely kick ass!” – Stephan Burns

“Tuvok, of course! The others were terrible Security Chiefs!” -- Gerald Holder

“No Malcolm Reed?” – Randy Mong

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