Star Trek Timelines recently received its biggest update since launch with Update 1: Cadets and Commander, which includes Faction events, new characters, quality-of-life improvements and daily missions in the form of Cadet Challenges -- new story missions presented by Admiral Riker that will test your crew and grant valuable rewards. Check out our new trailer that highlights some of what Update 1 has brought to the game.

Cadets and Commander offers all players, beginners and veterans alike, the ability to deploy their crew and compete against other players while earning rewards. New and updated features include:

  • Cadet Challenges: Ensure all your recruits (no matter their original timeline) are held to Admiral Riker’s exacting standards. Common and uncommon characters get a chance to shine in these new missions designed for 1- and 2-star crew. Each challenge features crew with a certain trait, starting with the Starfleet trait. 

  • Faction Events: Compete with other Captains for rare rewards and leaderboard placement. In Faction Events like “They Came From the Holodeck!”, race to successfully finish as many Faction Missions as possible before the event concludes. By deploying each event’s featured crew, like Queen Arachnia or any Janeway for “They Came From the Holodeck!”, players gain a bonus to mission success rates.

  • Updated Starship Battles: Crew abilities matter even more with the introduction of Stealth to Starship Battles. Cloak your Bird of Prey before using offensive skills to unleash a barrage of photon torpedoes and phaser fire. Battle foes from all eras of Star Trek in immersive 3D starship combat.

  • Upgrade Your Starship: Not ready to expand your fleet? Collect schematics to upgrade your existing ships, allowing you to take on all challengers while you work towards that next starship.

  • Improved Quality-of-Life: Sort and filter your crew on Away Missions, Faction Missions, and in your Crew Quarters. Receive increasingly better rewards from Faction Missions. And enjoy dozens of other game engine improvements and UI refinements that make it easier than ever to play.

More Updates to Come

Expect even bigger and better updates as Star Trek Timelines' development continues, with new variations of in-game events and an overhaul to Starship Battles that includes PvP. Join the community and give your feedback on our official game forums, Facebook and on Twitter.

Available NOW on the App Store and Google Play, Star Trek Timelines merges the characters, stories, and settings from TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT. Gather your favorite heroes and even villains to build your ideal crew, explore the galaxy, and be captain of your own destiny. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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