Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference, better known as WWDC, will have a definite Star Trek feel this year. Among those announced for lunchtime sessions are LeVar Burton and J.J. Abrams. This year’s conference will be held from June 11-15 in San Francisco. For those unfamiliar with WWDC, Apple hosts the event each year in order to unveil its new software and technologies for developers, and also to offer feedback sessions and hands-on labs.

In case you’re wondering, Burton’s session will be held on Wednesday, June 13 and is entitled “Technology and Storytelling: Making a Difference in the Digital Age.” Meanwhile, Abrams’ session is called “The Physics of Inspiration” and is scheduled for Friday, June 15.

Here’s how Apple described Burton’s upcoming session: "Join LeVar Burton as he shares the powerful impact that his mentors, technology, storytelling and science fiction have had on his life and how each has helped to shape his incredible life’s work. Be there as LeVar concludes the session with a personal demonstration of how he employs today’s latest technologies in his efforts to educate and enlighten — a world premiere peek at his latest project, the Reading Rainbow App."

And here’s the blurb for Abrams’ session: "Where do ideas come from, and where do they lead? What is technology’s evolving role in storytelling? Filmmaker J.J. Abrams discusses his passion for blending analog with more modern tools in moviemaking and how he wrestles with what he sees as both the freedoms and challenges presented by today’s prosumer gadgetry. J.J. will also share his views on the importance of improvisation and experimentation in inspiring creative visual techniques and new forms of narrative."

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