George Takei's long journey to Broadway is nearly complete, as Allegiance will begin previews at the Longacre Theater on October 6 and officially open on November 8. plans to cover the production in detail, speaking to Takei, attending a rehearsal and Star Trek Night and opening night, and giving readers not only the opportunity to buy discounted tickets, but also the chance to meet Takei backstage following a performance.

In advance of all that, dropped by the Longacre a few weeks ago, just as crewmen were carting pieces of the set backstage and snapped some photos. And, around that same time, Takei sent us a personal, heartfelt note, which we're honored to share with you now:

I just got back from the first day of rehearsals. What a moving experience today was. Our seven-year journey brought me to this profoundly emotional point. Today was the beginning of our final chapter of Allegiance’s trek to Broadway.

I shared with the assembled theater artists, actors, musicians, creative team, designers, lighting artists, the whole Allegiance family, the story of my teenage after-dinner conversation with my father when I accused him of “leading us like sheep to slaughter into the internment camp.” From his sudden silence, I immediately sensed that I had hurt him, I had hit a nerve. After that excruciating silence, he looked at me and said, “Maybe you’re right” and got up and went into his bedroom and closed the door. I felt awful. I should apologize – but his door was closed. I thought I’d apologize in the morning. But when morning came, it felt awkward. As the days passed, it became even more uncomfortable. I never apologized. And now, he’s gone. I’ve been haunted by this all my life.

I told the assembled artists that Allegiance is my apology to him. And this story is at the core of Allegiance

I’m deeply grateful to for helping to get this story to my Star Trek fans. I so want to share this part of my life with the fans who have given me the celebrity that made it possible to get Allegiance on Broadway. We have a lot of seats to fill at the Longacre Theater. We have designated October 31, Halloween night, as our Star Trek Night. We invite all Starfleet officers, Klingon warriors and Andorian princesses to come as they truly are. We want them to feel comfortable in their native garb. Do boldly come in their full regalia.



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