3D Systems & Cubify.com Make Replicators A Reality

3D Systems & Cubify.com Make Replicators A Reality

Replicators, so familiar to fans of Star Trek, are about to become a reality. 3D Systems and Cubify.com are teaming up to introduce a Star Trek customized 3D printed collection. Fans, starting early this year, will be able to create personalized 3D printed products and collectibles based on the legendary franchise, starting with The Original Series. 3D Systems and Cubify.com will offer a preview of the Star Trek 3D printed collection during the Consumer Electronics Show, to be held January 8-11 in Las Vegas.

StarTrek.com spoke to Scott Harmon, Vice President, Corporate Development, at 3D Systems, who filled us in on how the replication process works and on what fans can expect to see.

How much like Star Trek's replicators is this?

Harmon: Regarding the replicators, this is a great analogy. Our technology is called a 3D printer. It does a really good job of replicating shape and color. It cannot, at least today, replicate materials like food or like Earl Grey Tea, although you may see a chocolate 3D printer coming down the line.

What Trek items can fans make/personalize? Give us a few examples, please.

Harmon:Star Trek TOSStar TrekTOSStar Trek

What is the name of the technology you’re utilizing? And, to be clear, people will be able to buy the output of the printer, not the printer itself, right?

Harmon:Star TrekStar Trek

You’re starting with TOS and figurines. What else, Trek-wise, is in the works?

Harmon:The Next Generation Deep Space Nine

How excited are you about all of this? And are you a Trek fan?

Harmon:Star TrekTOS

The new products will be available through Cubify.com and StarTrek.com, using the content publishing platform from 3D Systems. Keep an eye on StarTrek.com for additional details.

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