10 Star Trek Ultimate Holiday Wish List Items

10 Star Trek Ultimate Holiday Wish List Items

As I write this, we've just recently celebrated the 49th anniversary of the original Star Trek series premiere in 1966. I think we've established over the previous installments of this recurring blog feature that I'm a lifelong fan, having grown up watching reruns of the original show while playing with the action figures and other toys or building the models, or reading the various books and comics. Now here we are, all these years later, and I'm still collecting the odd piece of Trek merchandise.

With that in mind and with the holiday shopping season bearing down on us, I figured now was a good time to assemble something of an "Ultimate Wish List" of Trek-related items I wouldn't mind Santa or some other benevolent trans-dimensional entity dropping on me. While a couple of these are doable if still a bit "pie in the sky," others definitely fall into the realm of, "Keep dreaming, Ward," but let a fanboy have his fantasies, okay? Meanwhile, for those of you hoping to find me that perfect gift, I offer up just a few of the things I covet as part of my unrelenting lust for all things old-school Trek:

Sega Star Trek arcade game - I was a teenager in the 1980s, and if I recovered half of the quarters I stuck into video games during that time, I could probably buy a decent-sized house. A lot of those quarters went into the Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator game. I already have a standup cabinet version of this all-time favorite, but the Holy Grail is the sit-down version, which does a commendable job of immersing you in the experience of chasing after Klingon warships and various Nomad clones. Don't worry where I might put it; my kids can share a bedroom.

USB Communicator - Star Trek

Full-size Captain's chair replica -Star Trek

Star Trek #1 from Gold Key Comics -Star Trek

Original Series phaser rifle prop replica - I know that Anovos produces first-rate recreations of uniforms and other accessories from Star Trek and Star Wars just to name two examples, and they are (as I write this) developing replica hand phasers and phaser rifles from Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and Voyager, but where's the daddy of them all? I already have an outstanding replica of an original series hand phaser, so now I need the rifle version to go with it. Don't you think something like that would look great over my mantle? Anyone? Bueller?

Autographed copies of certain prized books -The World of Star TrekThe Trouble With TribblesThe Making of Star TrekStar Trek: The Real StoryStar TrekInside Star Trek

The original Enterprise filming model -

The Shuttlecraft Galileo -Star Trek Ocean's ElevenThe Italian Job

A new TV series -Star TrekStar TrekVanguardSeekers

A set visit -

Star Trek


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