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  • Favorite Movie: Star Trek: The Motion Picture

    Favorite Series: Star Trek: The Original Series

    Favorite Species: Romulan

    Level of Fandom: I wear my Starfleet uniform to work.

    Home Page:

    Signature: "I am Nomad. I am performing my function. deep emptiness.. it approaches.. collision.. damage.. blackness.. I am the other. I am Tan Ru. Tan Ru.. Nomad.. Tan Ru.. error.. flaw.. imperfection.. must sterilize.. rebirth.. we are complete. much power.. dun ta nu e ka Tan Ru. the creator instructs. search out.. identify.. sterilize imperfections.. we are Nomad. we are complete. we are instructed. our purpose is clear. sterilize imperfections.. sterilize imperfections.. Nomad.. sterilize.."