Trek Talks

Trek Talks

Trek Talks is an intimate speaker series exploring Star Trek's influence on technology, science, society, culture and more. Featuring academics, influentials and experts, Trek Talks are locally produced and hosted by academic, entertainment and nonprofit organizations across the world.

Trek Talks Application (PDF)


Trek Talks can be hosted by established organizations with a proper venue and infrastructure for public events:

  • Colleges and universities
  • Science, tech, pop culture and entertainment museums
  • Corporations

Organizations are responsible for developing, promoting and staging the event including all costs associated with Trek Talks.


Trek Talks may be scheduled from July 2016 to July 2017.


Each Trek Talks is a single event focusing on one theme. Organizations may host one or more Trek Talks and can choose from a list of pre-approved themes for their Trek Talks or submit a new concept to CBS for approval.

Pre-Approved Themes

  • Trek Tech - Examining Star Trek’s impact on the information age
  • Our Single World - Envisioning a future multicultural universe
  • The Prime Directive - Exploring the universe, ethically
  • Literary Trek - Literature’s unique role in the Star Trek universe
  • A Star Trek Society - Addressing our world’s issues for 50 years
  • The Final Frontier - Star Trek’s influence on the space industry
  • Thinking Boldly - Today’s philosophical issues in Trek’s tomorrow
  • Designing the Future - Star Trek’s influence on products & systems
  • Changing Hollywood - Exploring five decades of production
  • A Trek Economy - Evaluating Star Trek's economy to address world issues
  • Science of Star Trek - Recognizing Star Trek's influence on scientific exploration

Custom Themes

Host organizations can develop Trek Talks concepts that are more in-line with the organization’s primary focus. Concepts must be submitted to CBS for approval.


Hosting organizations are responsible for securing and managing speakers for Trek Talks. CBS does not assist organizations in identifying speakers. Speakers should be academics, experts or influentials that can professionally and properly speak to the Star Trek brand. All speakers must be approved by CBS and must sign a CBS permission release form.

Presentation / Materials

CBS will provide Star Trek images and logos to host organizations for use in the Trek Talks. In addition, up to five (5) minutes of footage from Star Trek television series may be used in the presentation. All non-Star Trek elements must be in compliance with copyright laws in the governing country. All presentations using footage from Star Trek series must also include a CBS-provided promotional materials.

Distribution of Trek Talks

Trek Talks may be recorded by the host organization and streamed via their Youtube channel or through their website’s video player. Videos must also be provided to CBS for possible inclusion on or the official Star Trek Youtube channel. Streaming Trek Talks videos can include the approved Star Trek video clips from the television series if a CBS-provided promotional material is also included. No advertising may be attached to the Youtube or website video. Talks Application.


Hosting organizations may secure sponsorship funding from third-party companies and organizations. All sponsorships must be approved by CBS. Sponsors can be included in Trek Talks marketing materials and may use approved Trek Talks key art to promote their sponsorship of the event. Organizations cannot use crowdfunding events or platforms (i.e. IndieGoGo, Kickstarter) to raise funds for Trek Talks.

Marketing Materials

CBS will provide hosting organizations a Trek Talks marketing kit with PR, print and digital media templates.

  • Hosting organizations are prohibited from securing any website domains or social media URLs associated with Star Trek or Trek Talks
  • All website and social media activity should be through the organization’s existing platforms
  • Social media content should include links to or tag the official Star Trek social media pages
  • Hosting organization’s website must include:
    • Overview (about) of Trek Talks
    • Prominent link to
    • Link to the Trek Talks master event calendar (on
    • Star Trek legal lines
  • All press releases must be routed via CBS for approval
    • Interviews of hosting organization personnel should be limited to their TrekTalks event
    • Interview requests about Star Trek, the Trek Talks event and/or Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary should be routed to CBS

Licensing Fees

Host organizations will pay license fees based on the type of event:

  • Ticketed Event: 15% of gross ticket revenue with a $5,000 minimum
  • Free Event by Academic Institution: $1,000 per event
  • Free Event by Non-Profit Organization: $2,500 per event
  • All Other Events: $5,000 per event

Application to Host

Organizations interested in hosting a Trek Talks event must download and submit the Trek Talks Application.