Star Trek Online Giveaway

A brand-new Star Trek TV show was just announced by CBS, and everyone here at Cryptic Studios and Pefect World couldn’t be happier. As lifelong fans of the show, we’ve been waiting with b...

November 06, 2015

Meet The Characters Set For Adventure in IDW's Starfleet Academy

IDW Publishing will soon unveil its Starfleet Academy comic book series and today StarTrek.com is plased to introduce s...

November 06, 2015

Sirtis Talks 5th Passenger, Internity, Trek Cruise & More

Marina Sirtis couldn't resist. Scott Baker and Morgan Lariah approached the former Star Trek: The Net Generation actres...

November 05, 2015

Shatner Goes Stormtrooper at CMAs

Say it with us now. William Shatner boldly went where no man had gone before when, last night, Star rek's legendary Jam...

November 05, 2015

Wheaton, Adam Nimoy Guest Tonight on The Big Bang Theory

Wil Wheaton, Star Trek: The Next Generation's Wesley Crusher, will return to The Big Bang Theory tonght in "The Spock R...

November 05, 2015

Remembering Howard A. Anderson, 1920-2015

StarTrek.com is saddened to report the passing of Howard A. Anderson Jr., the Oscar-nominated visualeffects artist whose company -- The Howard Anderson Company -- worked on Star Trek: The Original Se...

November 04, 2015

USS Enterprise Cutting Board Available Now

The Enterprise has always been a versatile ship, but now, in the form of a Star Trek Cutting Board, he NCC-1701 is read...

November 04, 2015

IDW's November Trek Comics Out Tomorrow

IDW Publishing is set to release two new Star Trek comic book adventures tomorrow. First up is Star rek: New Visions: T...

November 03, 2015

FIRST LOOK: Scorpion 4 Attack Squadron for Attack Wing

NECA/WizKids will release Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 20 in November, and StarTrek.com has the excluive First Look at t...

November 03, 2015

TOS: The Complete Series Megapack Available NOW

The Star Trek: The Original Series -- The Complete Series Megapack is available today. The Megapack eatures all 79 TOS ...

November 03, 2015