GUEST BLOG: "A Private Little War" at 50

The second season’s “A Private Little War” was the 48th broadcast episode of Star Trek: The Original Series and its story came from Don Ingalls -- writing under the pseudonym of Jud...

February 02, 2018

Discovery Clashes with Andorians in Timelines

The crew of the U.S.S. Discovery was enjoying a reception in their honor on the restored Vulcan world of Paan Mokar unt...

February 01, 2018

FIRST LOOK: Discovery's "The War Without, The War Within"

"The War Without, The War Within" is the title of Star Trek: Discovery's upcoming 14th episode. In it, back on the U.S....

February 01, 2018

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Mitchell Ryan -- Riker's Dad and Nearly Picard

Mitchell Ryan has led a hell of an acting career, one that spans decades and includes roles in such memorable films and...

February 01, 2018

Deconstructing Lorca

Captain Gabriel Lorca – make that Mirror Lorca – died a brutal death in “What’s Past Is Prologu...

January 31, 2018

WATCH: Picardo's Planetary Post in Antarctica & the Caribbean

Hello, dear StarTrek.com readers: On this month's Planetary Post: travel to Antarctica to launch a robotic ice probe. Join my fellow Planetary Society Board member Dr. Britney Schmidt and her team a...

January 31, 2018

Latest Discovery Pin Is... Captain Lorca

Captain Lorca... or Mirror Lorca, with blood running down his face... is Pin #13 in FanSets' Star Trek: Discovery Episode Pin Set collection. It represents the most recent episode, "What's Past Is Pr...

January 30, 2018

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Adversaries Online Collectible Card Game Available Now

Ready phasers and raise shields, as Puppet Master Games and CBS Interactive have introduced Star Trek: Adversaries, the...

January 30, 2018

8 Takeaways from "Prologue" After Trek

“What’s Past Is Prologue” was the subject of last night’s After Trek, as host Matt Mira led a c...

January 29, 2018