ThinkGeek Launches TNG Varsity Hoodies

ThinkGeek has just unveiled Star Trek: The Next Generation Varsity Hoodies. You can choose Blue (Science), Red (Command) or Gold (Operations), and each hoodie has a chenille combadge patch on th...

August 27, 2016

Latest 366 Project Photos from Roddenberry Vault

StarTrek.com, as we do each month, is pleased to share the latest photos from the 366 Project at the Roddenberry Vault....

August 27, 2016

How-To Videos for M-A-C Trek Makeup

M-A-C Cosmetics' Star Trek-inspired collection of makeup is available now online and due to beam into M-A-C stores in j...

August 26, 2016

Celebrating the Night Skies from Our National Parks

Inspiring young people to pursue careers in science and technology has always been a part of Star Trek's legacy. I have...

August 26, 2016

STO Research and Development Pack Promotion

For a limited time, Star Trek Online is running a promotion that will provide an additional bonus when opening a Resear...

August 26, 2016

Cho, Forbes Co-Starring in Columbus

John Cho has just locked in his next project, and Star Trek's current Sulu won't be the only familiar Trek name in it. Columbus will also feature Michelle Forbes -- Ensign Ro from Star Trek...

August 25, 2016

De Lancie Joins Timelines at Mission New York

Will you be at Star Trek: Mission New York next week? You won’t want to miss the Disruptor Beam team, who'll be t...

August 25, 2016

Catching Up with TOS's Kara, Tanya Lemani

Kara, the Argelian belly dancer from “Wolf in the Fold,” remains – in the minds of Star Trek fans acr...

August 24, 2016

TIFF to Celebrate 50 Years of Trek

The Toronto International Film Festival's fall slate will kick off with a cinematic exploration of 50 Years of Star Tre...

August 24, 2016