GUEST BLOG: Smithsonian Update on Enterprise Studio Model Restoration

Stardate 1601.28: After a year of extensive research, conservation work on the original studio model of the USS Enterprise is now underway in the Museum’s spacedock. Our goal is to stabilize th...

January 30, 2016

Star Trek Online Sixth Anniversary

Star Trek Online reaches its sixth anniversary today, and everyone at the studio could not be prouder. We know as well ...

January 29, 2016

Star Trek Timelines Live Today on Disruptor Stream

Star Trek Timelines will be live on the Disruptor Stream today at 3:30p ET / 20:30 UTC, and you can play along with the...

January 21, 2016

Star Trek Online: Galactic Development Campaign

Our recent experiences with the Lukari and the Na’kuhl have taught us that there are still many things that we ne...

January 15, 2016

Star Trek Timelines Now Available

Disruptor Beam is thrilled to announce that Star Trek Timelines launches today.You can download the game for free on bo...

January 14, 2016

Ethan Phillips, Standup Guy

For someone who never followed the game, I sure do have the hats. I own somewhere north of 200 baseball caps, emblazoned with non-sports logos of all description---movies I traveled far to personally...

January 09, 2016

Star Trek Online: Junior Officer Weekend

Star Trek Online running a special weekend event where you can earn Bonus Commendation XP by completing any Duty Office...

January 08, 2016

Star Trek Timelines Goes to the Movies

As Star Trek Timelines approaches its launch later this month, Disruptor Beam is pleased to reveal an original piece of...

January 06, 2016

GUEST BLOG: Classic British Trek Comic Strips Coming Soon

Ask typical Star Trek fans which companies have produced Trek comics, and it's a good bet the first publishers mentione...

January 05, 2016

Seeing Double -- Two Habitable Worlds in One Solar System

NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has found lots of new planetary systems over the last few years. Many of these systems h...

January 02, 2016