Star Trek Timelines: New Original Starship Art

In Star Trek Timelines, you’ll seek to control the fate of the galaxy by resolving conflicts trough diplomacy, science, technology – and ship-to-ship combat. So, we are thrilled to share ...

December 09, 2015

Star Trek Online: Winter Event

Happy holidays, mes capitaines! Rejoice, for your favorite annual tradition has come again as I invte you to my fantas...

December 04, 2015

Forgotten Trek: Designing the Reliant for Star Trek II

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan would give Trekkers the first canon Starfleet ship beside the originl Enterprise. But t...

December 03, 2015

A Galaxy Divided: Factions in Star Trek Timelines

What would happen if Kirk and Picard met? Could the crew of Deep Space Nine blend in on the Enterprie 1701? What would ...

December 02, 2015

Creating Official Trek Magazines (1983-2000)

My life, for 17 years (1983-2000), was haunted by licensed magazines. During that fabled era, I servd as Editor of abou...

November 28, 2015

Star Trek Online: Building Jupiter

Star Trek Online is excited to reveal the stats, items and abilities for the community-designed Tier6 Jupiter Class Carrier. As one would expect, this new carrier comes equipped with a new console an...

November 27, 2015

STO: Shuttle Weekend Event

Quick captains, it's time to jump into your favorite shuttle and get to the front lines. For a limitd time only, Star T...

November 20, 2015

Hallmark Sculptor Lynn Norton on the Storied History of Trek Keepsake Ornaments

After 50 years, the distinctive image of the USS Enterprise has come to serve not only as home for hndreds of explorers...

November 14, 2015

Star Trek Online: Upgrade Weekend Event

Still striving to get the greatest performance out of your equipment? This weekend will be the perfet time to apply Tec...

November 13, 2015

Points of Interest in Star Trek Timelines

The galaxy is big. Really big. And as the captain of your own starship in Star Trek Timelines, you&rquo;ll be able to e...

November 11, 2015