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Set Phasers to Twinkle

Here’s the thing about the holiday season: I love the holiday season. There isn’t a tree I won’t trim, a menorah I won’t light, a heartwarming made-for-television movie I won’t DVR. And l...

December 10, 2014

Being a Good Guest -- The Star Trek Way

As the holiday season approaches, your mailbox is going to fill up with invitations to parties, happy hours, hootenannies, and captain’s dinners. Many of these events are going to be held in people’s homes...

November 26, 2014

Convention Thoughts... By a Jaded New Yorker

As a jaded New Yorker, it’s in my DNA to think I’ve seen it all (oh look- the Statue of Liberty and 100,000 people. That’s nice). And as someone who’s attended various ComicCons over the last n...

August 29, 2014