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Behind the Scenes of Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion From the Final Frontier

You’ve probably been at a convention, or a book event, or maybe even a cocktail party, where someone asked an author: “Where do you get your ideas?”    It’s a legitimate question...

September 22, 2015

Star Trek 365 -- Post Game Wrap Up!

If you read our blog in September, you’ll recall that we’d just released a weighty tome called Star Trek The Original Series 365 for Abrams Books. And if you wonder, “What does a Star Tr...

December 17, 2010

Guest Bloggers: Paula Block and Terry Erdmann

Blog, the final frontier.   Before we get into this, an admission: We’re blog virgins. We’ve done a lot of writing, together and alone, including books, magazine articles, trivia games, do-it-yoursel...

August 27, 2010