StarTrek.com Checks Out The Stewart-McKellen Times Talk

The setting was noticeably different from Comic-Con. Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen, the septuagenerian bro-mancers of Shakespeare and science fiction, stepped away from taking TwitPics fo...

October 31, 2013

One Trek Mind: When The Niners Played Ball

I don't watch much baseball, but next time I'm at a game and someone does some showboating I'm going to call that playe...

October 23, 2013

One Trek Mind: Celebrating Persis Khambatta

At every Las Vegas Star Trek convention I've been to there's always one woman (the same woman?) who goes for broke, sha...

October 02, 2013

One Trek Mind: 5 Reasons To Stop Worrying And Love "Spock's Brain"

“Brain and brain! What is brain?!?” This week marks the 45th anniversary of one of Star Trek's not-exactly...

September 18, 2013

One Trek Mind: 5 Working Stiffs of the Federation

Labor Day is more than just the weekend to get your fantasy football teams in order or to start clucking your tongues a...

September 04, 2013

Getting My Mind Around One Trek Mind Live 2013

My journey to Creation Entertainment's Official Star Trek Convention included a tacked-on trip to Sherman's Pleasure Planet (a/k/a the Carolina Coast for a week's stay with family), but now I'm back ...

August 21, 2013

One Trek Mind -- Vegas Convention Preview

I am readying myself for transport. Soon I will beam down to my favorite alien surface in the Galaxy - the annual Creat...

August 05, 2013

One Trek Mind -- 10 Best Bits of Klingon Culture

Q'aplaH! That means “success,” though that English translation doesn't quite nail down the full meaning of...

July 20, 2013

One Trek Mind -- A Tip of the Cap to the Breen

“To seek out new life and new civilizations.” The phrase is part of the ethos of all that is Star Trek. Of ...

July 03, 2013