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Dayton Ward By... Dayton Ward

What happens when you learn about a mysterious spatial energy field surrounding a small planet, except for a brief period every three years? If you’re the civilization on the neighboring planet, you try to have ...

February 25, 2012

Ten for Ward #4 – Star Trek Events Which Should’ve Happened By Now

The original Star Trek, like most science fiction from decades ago, often postulated a variety of technological advances and milestones as occurring in our “the far off future” of the 1990s or early 2000s....

February 18, 2012

Ten For Ward #3: 10 Favorite Star Trek Games

I like games, all sorts of games—board games, video games, whatever. I always have, and since I’m also a Star Trek fan, those two hobbies have crossed paths many times over the years. While there are a goo...

November 04, 2011

Ten For Ward #2: Ten Favorite "Classic" Trek Comics

Since obtaining the license to create official Star Trek comic books in 2006, IDW Publishing had largely been content to produce a succession of mini-series and one-shot issues in order to bring us new stories from th...

September 26, 2011

Ten for Ward #1 – Ten Favorite “Old” Star Trek Books

Yeah, yeah, you’ve probably heard this already: I write Star Trek books. But before that, and when I wasn’t building Star Trek models or playing with Mego action figures or running around outside pretendi...

June 30, 2011