Happy Hour At Quark's

The invitation came in a blizzard. A severe snowstorm had suffocated the East Coast, halted all public transit and, incidentally, closed Starlog’s Manhattan offices. Stranded home in New Jersey...

April 15, 2015

John Colicos: "Full Expression"

John Colicos was a "Slightly Hammy, Overblown Actor." Let us pause to see if the Internet erupts in dismay over the cha...

March 10, 2015

Brief Encounters of the Trekster Kind

No matter what you or I do, we can’t meet them all. It’s just unrealistic. Impossible. Undoable. Star Trek ...

February 11, 2015

The 9 Deepest Deep Space Nine Magazine Covers

Out beyond the Wormhole, they’re probably still selling the Starlog Group’s Official Magazine at the Promen...

January 14, 2015

The TV & Radio Shows That Weren't, And Other Near Misses

We’re all fascinated with what might have been. If we had just made another choice or events had come to some oth...

December 18, 2014

You're A Good Man, Clancy Brown!

It was May 1982 and in Chicago, they were spitting on Sean Penn. They had good reason. He was acting up and, between takes, actually urging the extras to deliver splashier shots of real liquid insult...

December 04, 2014

Roughing It with Mark Twain (& Deep Throat)

Would you buy a used car from Deep Throat? Or a new one? How about from Mark Twain? Initially, all that car jazz satur...

November 19, 2014

Four Tips To Dressing Up Star Trek

The moment the woman I was interviewing started taking off her clothes, I should have known it was a set-up. It was Ma...

October 24, 2014

Six Strange Star Trek Covers

Let’s play publisher! It’s April 1988—and Starlog #130 -- spotlighting Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar -- ...

September 07, 2014