FIRST LOOK: ANOVOS’s The Next Generation Admiral’s Tunic

Been promoted out of your captain's chair and kicked upstairs as a glorified paper pusher? Well, fret no more because rank does come with its privileges -- and among them is a distinctive and authori...

June 16, 2014

Celebrate Sir Patrick's Day With Picard's Jacket

“Darmok,” “Unification” and “The Inner Light” and among the very best episodes of S...

March 17, 2014

The Next Generation of Star Trek Fans

Genevieve Nylen , Madeline Des Jardins (Maddie for short), and Alexandria Nylen are not your typical Star Trek fans. Ha...

August 04, 2013

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GUEST BLOG: Shall We Begin? Anovos & Portland Trekkers Say YES

Portland Trekkers got together with pro photographer/geek Peter Cooley and Anovos to answer the question posed in Star ...

May 19, 2013