See How The Galileo Restoration Is Coming Along

Last summer, two Star Trek collectors, Adam Schneider and Alec Peters, bought the original shuttlecraft Galileo at auction. The original filming set, built in 1967, had fallen on hard times and was i...

February 27, 2013

Star Trek Props & Costumes At Auction On eBay

So you want to take the plunge and buy your first screen-used Star Trek prop or costume? Well, now is your chance, as o...

January 30, 2013

Guest Blog: The Galileo Restoration Project Begins

Many of you may know about the original Shuttlecraft Galileo's post-production history from a series of articles my fri...

September 20, 2012

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Guest Blog: A Tale Of Two Props

There are a lot of lessons to be learned if you are going to collect screen-used props and costumes. And telling the st...

May 19, 2012

Guest Blog: Propworx’ Next Star Trek Auction

  Propworx, the auction house that held the Star Trek Prop & Costume auction at last year's Las Vegas Star Tr...

June 03, 2011

Guest Blog: Klingon Prop Collecting

While Starfleet has Phasers and Phaser Rifles, the Klingons have Disruptors. And over the past 45 years and five series we have seen a number of different types of Disruptors. The TOS Klingon Disrupt...

April 21, 2011

Collecting Star Trek (2009) Props

The new Star Trek movie added a whole new dimension to the hobby of collecting Star Trek screen-used props and costumes. There was now a whole new world of props and costumes to collect -- but none o...

January 21, 2011

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Guest Blog: Collecting Original Star Trek Props

The world of collecting Star Trek props and costumes was a small and expensive one prior to the big Christie’s St...

October 22, 2010

Propworx Star Trek Prop and Costume Auction Summary

The first-ever Propworx Star Trek Prop and Costume Auction was a big hit at the Creation Star Trek Convention held at t...

August 20, 2010