The U.S.S. Valiant has been destroyed by an unknown attacker, and Starfleet has chosen YOU to continue its mission deep within a mysterious area of space known as the Trexelian Expanse. Build your ship, choose your crew, learn the fate of the Valiant, and explore the expanse in the name of the Federation. While shipbuilding, choose from dozens of different room types and modifications, and put those red shirts to work!

Additionally, assign officers to key posts, train them to increase their abilities, and send them on exciting Away Missions! What’s more, a temporal rift in the Expanse has caused old foes and surprising new allies to find their way into this unexplored region of space. Luckily, you’ve also got the brand-new LCARS interface to aid your mission! Featuring narration by the one and only George Takei, the game also includes the original music from Star Trek: The Original Series!

Good luck. Starfleet out.