Star Trek Adversaries

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In Star Trek Adversaries, you are the Captain.  Collect and command over 400 unique crew and ships cards from all your favorite shows including The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and Discovery. Choose your Flagship, assemble your deck, and set course for adventure as you take on the greatest adversaries in the galaxy.


  • Free to play online Multiplayer and Single Player strategic card game combat.
  • Command powerful Flagships from the Federation and Klingon Empire. 24 beautifully detailed 3-D Flagships with 72 customizable skins await your command.
  • Compete against your fellow Captains in the Multiplayer ladder and win weekly prizes, including Legendary Ships and Crew.
  • Free to play Quark’s Draft! Draft a deck and experience all the cards and Flagships in the STA universe for free.  Win Latinum, Ships, Crew, and Packs!
  • Invite Friends, join a Fleet, and practice in 1v1 combat against your allies.
  • Cross Platform Play - Your account travels with you.
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