Frequently Asked Questions


My password from the old site doesn't work, how do I get a new password?

All registered users from the old site must reset their password.  Select Forgot Password from the login screen on any StarTrek.com page.  An email will be sent to the address on file allowing your to reset your password.



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What if I have forgotten my password or need to change my email address?

Select Forgot Password from the login screen on any StarTrek.com page.  Once logged in, you can manage the account to update your email address, change your photo and more.



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Why should I register with StarTrek.com?

Registering with StarTrek.com is simple and free. Becoming a registered user of the site allows you to talk Star Trek with fans around the world in the boards; post your comments about the news articles or other entries; and create your own user profile to share with other registered users.  Join StarTrek.com now!



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What does my 'rank' mean and how do I get to the next level?

All StarTrek.com users begin as an Ensign when they register.  Users can improve their rank by actively participating in the various sections of the site.  The level of each user is determined by the number of message board posts, the number of images uploaded to the galleries, and the number of comments on the site.  The more activity generated by the user, the higher rank they will achieve - climbing from Ensign to Lieutenant, Commander, Captain, Commodore, and Admiral.  Who will be the first to achieve Fleet Admiral status?

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If I am having technical difficulties with the site, what should I do?

Check the StarTrek.com message board for any website updates or contact us at tech@startrek.com.



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What is StarTrek.com?

StarTrek.com is the official website for Star Trek's six television series and eleven movies.



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Where can I find specific content on StarTrek.com?

StarTrek.com has an incredible amount of content that will keep you exploring the universe. Read the latest Star Trek information by browsing the NEWS. Watch full episodes in the videos section. Search content by keyword in the official database. Connect with other fans in the message boards.  Post your own Star Trek photos in the galleries. Or shop for your favorite products in the official store.



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