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  • Star Trek Valentine - Picard

    Engage someone with a special Captain Picard message this Valentine's Day.

  • Star Trek Valentine - Phaser

    Looks like Cupid has upgraded his bow and arrow for some Trek tech. Show someone you care, the Star Trek way.

  • Star Trek Valentine - Worf

    Share the Klingon love with a special someone.

  • Star Trek Valentine - Spock

    Throw logic out the window...Show someone you're out of your Vulcan mind for them.

  • Star Trek TOS - Kirk to Enterprise

    Be the captain on an away mission with this exclusive design.

  • Hamlet in Klingon

    taH pagh taHbe’... Combine Star Trek and Shakespeare on your desktop.

  • Risa

    Make your desktop the perfect getaway! 

  • Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before...

    Boldly decorate your computer like never before.

  • Romulan Republic

    Join the republic today.

  • Starfleet Academy

    Begin your studies at Starfleet Academy.

    From: Star Trek Online