Yosa, Crewman

Human male, former Maquis member who joined the U.S.S. Voyager in 2371 and served in Engineering. In 2377 Yosa was investigating a pressure fluctuation in Jefferies Tube 114 when he was attacked by Tuvok, who at the time was under the influence of mind-control practitioner Teero Anaydis, a Bajoran fanatic in the Alpha Quadrant. Yosa was in a coma for 29 hours and recovered on his own, but he then was "programmed" to respond to a Bajoran chant with instructions to participate in a new Maquis rebellion and take control of Voyager. Yosa helped take over the Bridge and was ready to strand all the Starfleet personnel on a Delta Quadrant planet when Tuvok was able to counter Teero's influence and stop the mutiny, mind-melding Yosa and the other affected crewmembers back to normal.