Waymire, Kellie

From: Star Trek: Enterprise

Caption: Waymire in 2002

Star Trek: Enterprise

Episode: ENT 004 - Strange New World

Kellie Waymire played Ens. Elizabeth Cutler on Enterprise, an early romantic interest for Dr. Phlox. Sadly, she had only three turns in the role due to her sudden death on Nov. 16, 2003, when she collapsed in her home from an undiagnosed cardiac arrhythmia likely related to mitral valve prolapse, a condition she was diagnosed with as a teenager. Earlier, in Voyager’s “Muse” she had played the jealous alien actress Layna who took the role of Seven of Nine in a Greek-like theatre.

Her Enterprise appearances came in "Strange New World," "Dear Doctor," and "Two Days and Two Nights." 

Waymire had been appearing in a Los Angeles stage production of Kate Crackernuts at the time of her death, and was last seen onscreen starring in the short-lived Fox sitcom The Pitts.  A 1967 native of Columbus., Ohio, the graduate of Southern Methodist University and UC-San Diego initially wanted to be an astronaut before settling on acting. Aside from her 1994 breakout role as Emily on One Life to Live, she had guest spots on Friends, CSI and Six Feet Under, and film credits in Something More with Tony Shalhoub, and The Vest.