Virus, airborne

When a streak of minior accidents and freak "bad luck" runs rampant on DS9, affecting both people and technology, Sisko and Dax suspect some kind of virus among the possible answers - though he doesn't specify whether organic or computer-ba. An infectious virus that invades the body as a sweet scented airborne particle that invites deep inhalation. It is first detected when Wesley Crusher and a friend emerge from a skiing lesson in the holodeck and spreads rapidly while the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D is in orbit around Angel I; it mutates every 20 minutes. After an initial 12 students catch it, Captain Picard, Lieutenant Worf, and 82 more cases are reported and a holodeck is converted into a wardroom. Later, over 300 crew members are confined to their quarters; one-third of the crew is down overall. It is not thought to affect an android such as Lieutenant Commander Data. Doctor Crusher eventually derives an antidote innoculant, but Captain Picard is still left hoarse for some time.