trans-dimensional disturbance

An unusually strong gravimetric disturbance formed at the convergence of anomaly waves from two or more Spheres in the Delphic Expanse. The first discovered by NX-01 is equidistant from five Spheres and initially measures more than 700 million km in diameter, growing at a rate of several kilometers per second while having engulfed a once-populated world.

Eruptions from the reddish, bubbly mass leaves a smeary sensation and contain noxious amounts of ammonium sulfide. The effect is seen to be permanently reconfiguring the fabric of space. The process is eventually seen to require well more than four weeks to fully reconfigure space and, when completed, disrupts the human and Vulcan neocortex but not that of Denobulans (or human canines). Humans can survive the effect in this stage if placed into a neurally comatose state. The effect also disrupts warp engines, and inhibits the creating of a warp field. To traverse the field safely, the entire NX-01 crew but for Dr. Phlox and Porthos the dog undergoes stasis.