Star Trek: Voyager
Episode: VOY 250 - Critical Care

An adolescent Dinaali boy who was admitted to Hospital Ship 4-2 with osteal extravasation, but who was also diagnosed as being in the final stage of a chromo-viral infection. Tebbis, or "Patient R-12" as he was known in the health-care system, needed cytoglobin injections but couldn't get them because his Treatment Coefficient wasn't high enough. Tebbis aspired to be a doctor, believing that music has great healing power, but he would never get authorized for medical training or any other schooling because of his status in society; instead he was fated to work in the same refinery as his father. Voyager's EMH befriended Tebbis and manipulated the system to procure cytoglobin injections to cure his virus. However, Tebbis developed a secondary infection that spread rapidly, and since he had exceeded his medication allotment due to the unauthorized injections, Tebbis was allowed to die and was taken to Level White — the morgue.

The Doctor used Tebbis' identity to turn the tables on Chellick, the Hospital Ship's chief administrator. He injected Chellick with the same virus Tebbis died from, and also used antigens from Tebbis' blood to make Chellick appear to the Allocator — the ship's administrative computer — as Tebbis, therefore causing the treatment he needed to live to be denied. This forced Chellick to alter his policies and allow lower-priority patients to receive higher-priority treatments.