Star Trek: Enterprise
Episode: ENT 041 - Cease Fire

A female officer of unspecified rank in Andoria's Imperial Guard of the 2150s, Tarah was attached as a top aide to Commander Shran during their world's short-lived grab for the planet Weytahn, in dispute with Vulcan.

Tarah was far more militant than her commander as the stalemate between ground forces continued, and initially disagreed with Shran's choice to ask Archer to mediate a truce. Tarah then outright disobeyed orders and shot down the diplomatic courier shuttlepod with Archer, T'Pol and Ambassador Soval aboard, later leading a sniper unit to kill the survivors until she was stopped.

Her proud confession and taunting of Shran as a coward and traitor merely led to her arrest, and she was not seen in Shran's future commands.