Sulu (Kelvin), Hikaru

Star Trek (2009)
Episode: MOV 011 - Star Trek (2009)

(Played by John Cho)

Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu is the acting helmsman for the newly commissioned Starship Enterprise. Reportedly an excellent pilot, Sulu was awarded the position at the last minute, replacing the assigned Helmsman McKenna after McKenna contracted a case of lungworm. After an embarassing start, Sulu quikly settles into the new helm and proves instrumental in not only survivn gteh Nero crisis, but in tactical manuevers with that ship and avoiding the black hole created to defeat it, includsing antimatter pod explsoions afterward.

Sulu says he is trained in advanced hand-to-hand combat, and later informed Kirk that his training is actually in fencing. Judging by his skills in dispatching Romulans, it seems more likely that his training was in Kendo, a discipline that combines marital arts and skilled sword fighting.