Sheppard, W. Morgan

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Episode: TNG 131 - Schizoid Man

Venerable character actor William Morgan Sheppard turns up four times in the Star Trek universe: as the Rura Penth commandant in ST VI;  as the chief Vulcan Science Council minister in 2009’s Star Trek; Data’s “grandfather” Ira Graves in TNG’s “The Schizoid Man,” and as Quatai in Voyager’s “Bliss.” He is also “responsible” for a fourth, as the father of Mark “Leucon” Sheppard. Born in 1932 in London, the elder Sheppard’s long stage career later turned to TV, where he has appeared in hits from MacGuyver and Babylon 5 to NCIS, Mad Men, Doctor Who, and voicing Gartgoyles.