Selar, M.D., Lt.

Selar, a Vulcan medical doctor in Starfleet, served aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, under doctors Crusher and Pulaski. In 2365, during what was arguably her highest-profiled medical role aboard the Enterprise-D, Selar surreptitiously diagnosed Dr. Ira Graves' Darnay disease in 2365.

A nurse was told to have Selar run a bio-spectral analysis back aboard ship on Ned Quint's dead body during the Ronin intrigue. Dr. Crusher relayed an order to have Selar set up a special ward, after a diplomatic incident left casualties near the planet Lenaria. She was paged, along with Dr. Hacopian, when Crusher suspected a viral epidemic in 2370, and was on duty when her CMO was relieved, which she told Guinan about, along with the flack she took regarding a Ferengi autopsy.