Seeto, Ches'sarro

A Bajoran mining engineer whose work often brought him to station Terok Nor, and who later was active in charity work for war orphans. He lived at 14120 Paddock, Section 14, N.P. Ches'sarro had collaborated with the Cardassians during the Bajoran occupation and profited greatly from it. That fact led him to be blackmailed by a Bajoran widow named Pallra, and he, like several others, was forced to transfer 100,000 Bajoran litas into her bank account. Ches'sarro's name was on a list of Bajorans stored in a strongbox hidden on Deep Space 9 for years; in 2370 Quark found that strongbox and was subsequently shot with a phaser and the list stolen. Odo's investigation led him to Pallra whom he asked if she knew someone with a name similar to "Ches'so." Ches'sarro was soon found drowned in a pond on his own property, and Odo suspected that Pallra had him killed.