Roy, Deep

From: Star Trek (2009)

Caption: Deep Roy at Star Trek Beyond premiere

Star Trek (2009)

Episode: MOV 011 - Star Trek (2009)

Nairobi, Kenya native Muhinda Purba uses the stage name “Deep Roy” in an ever-growing resume of unique film and genre roles since 1976, including that of the diminuitive alien Keenser in Star Trek 2009. Together with a guest turn in a 1977 Doctor Who serial and his appearance as a Max Rebo band member and an Ewok in Star Wars’ Return of the Jedi, Roy becomes the apparent first-ever actor to appear in all three of the major long-running science-fiction franchises.

Most of Roy’s work stems from his status as a little person, standing 4-foot-4, such as serving as the origin of all 165 Oompa-Loompas in Tim Burton’s Charlie and Chocolate Factory—requiringhim to repeat dance moves hundreds of times for each body’s unique positional reshoot. Originally a music-hall comic, Roy also works as a stunt performer.

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