Member of Species 571, assimilated by the Borg and given the designation of Four of Nine, Secondary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01. P'Chan was the son of Dornar and Ansha, who lived in a small building by a river. He was responsible for caring for his parents and preparing food for them until the Borg killed them and he was assimilated. As a drone, Four of Nine was a member of the same unimatrix as Seven of Nine. In 2368 the vessel he was on crashed on Planet 1865-Alpha, and only four of the drones survived. When he and two others began to regain their individuality, Seven of Nine created new interlink nodes in their brains to create a mini-collective among the three, to ensure they would not escape. After they were recovered by the Borg, they found they were a subset among the Collective, and were tormented by hearing three voices whispering in one ear and a crowd screaming in another. They worked together to escape the Borg and had their implants removed on Inavar Prime, but doctors there could not break the neural link among them. Desperate to gain their individuality, the three ex-drones tracked Seven of Nine to the U.S.S. Voyager, where the Doctor aboard determined that breaking the link would cause them to die after a few weeks. But the decision was made to break the link, and P'chan decided to go live out his remaining days on an uninhabited planet in the open air.

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