O'Zaal, Ambassador

The race coordinator for the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally that took place in 2377 in the Delta Quadrant. O'Zaal was in the difficult position of having to juggle all the political considerations involved with the event, given that the peace among the four principal species in the region was still very fragile after nearly a century of war. Every decision he made, no matter how trivial, was looked upon as symbolic. For instance, he had to find a way to appease the Aksani after he couldn't allow them to host the post-race ceremony, having already promised that honor to the Chessu. Every time he would make a concession to one participant, another would be offended. The U.S.S. Voyager helped him out by providing a "neutral ground" for the pre- and post-race activities.

Ambassador O'Zaal commenced the race with the following speech:

"Welcome to the first running of the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally. This moment marks a hopeful point in our shared history, a chance to put aside old animosities and come together in a spirit of peace and friendly competition. Good luck to all of you. Prepare for the starting signal."

When an accident occurred on a racer's ship, an analysis showed it was an act of sabotage, so O'Zaal nearly cancelled the event midway through, concluding that someone was trying to end the peace. But two of the participants talked him out of it, claiming that would be caving in to the extremists. He was not then aware that one of those participants — Irina — was actually the saboteur. Irina was exposed, further sabotage was abated, and the race concluded successfully.