Osaarian male. Orgoth was captured by Captain Archer when the Osaarian crew robbed Enterprise of valuable weapons and supplies. He was reluctant to give up information, but eventually cooperated when Archer resorted to unorthodox interrogation techniques. Orgoth was serving on one of the two Osaarian ships that entered the Delphic Expanse. Initially, these were merchant ships looking for new trade routes. One of them was destroyed attempting to exit the Expanse, while the other was forced to resort to piracy. Orgoth quickly learned of the dangers of this area of space — his face is disfigured, the result of one of the mysterious spatial anomalies that populate the Expanse. After assisting Enterprise, Orgoth was released to his people by Archer. The Osaarian noted that mercy was not a quality that would serve the captain well in the Expanse.