Morshower, Glenn

Star Trek: The Next Generation
Episode: TNG 147 - Peak Performance

As a go-to portrayer of authority figures, Glenn Morshower’s career has come a long way since he played lowly Ensign Burke on TNG’s “Peak Performance”—his recurring namesake role as General Morshower in the Transformers film series, for one, and Secret Service agent Aaron Pierce across seven season of 24 for another. His Trek faces also include Arkarian sleeper terrorist Orton in TNG’s “Starship Mine,” Harriman’s Enterprise-B navigator in Generations, Janeway’s fooled Mokra guard in Voyager’s “Resistance,” and Skagara homeworld Sheriff MacReady in Enterprise’s “North Star.”

Born Glenn Grove Morchower as a 1959 native of Dallas, Texas, Morshower hit the regional stage at age 12, TV commercials at 15 and his first film at 16, Drive-In.  He has guested across 30 years of TV as well, with recurring roles as Mike Chysler on The West Wing and Sheriff Mobley on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Other film credits include blockbusters such as Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, Air Force One, and Good Night and Good Luck; his voice work is topped by familiar credits such as the “Overlord” in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2