Montgomery, Anthony

Anthony Montgomery, known to Star Trek fans as Ensign Travis Mayweather of Star Trek: Enterprise. had a big year in 2011 as he conitnues to divide his creative time between acting and music.  Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Montgomery earned his bachelors degree in Performance Theater and Drama from Ball State University and then moved to Chicago as a member of the hip-hop dance team, The Bad Boyz.  Arriving in Los Angeles to pursue acting, he appeared in several television series, including JAG, Stargate SG-1FrasierCharmed, and a recurring role in Popular, and starred in the feature Leprechaun in the Hood. Since Enterprise went into drydock in 2005, Montgomery won the lead role in the feature film I’m Through with White Girls (The Inevitable Undoing of Jay Brooks) and had the much-discussed role of Darryl Jenkins in the cast of Single Ladies, created by Queen Latifah for VH1. In 2011, Montgomery also saw the series vibrant tune-filled soundtrack be the springboard for his single, "Stimulation," which also won a video debut the same night on  VH1.   Montgomery continues to appear regularly on television, with recent roles in shows like NCIS and House, and his debut album “A.T.” (for Anthony T. Montgomery) is available on the German-based AGR Television Records label, with a new one—as well as a graphic novel for sci-fi fans—in the works.

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