Michael, Chuck

Sound supervisor and re-recording mixer on the "Director's Edition" of "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," Chuck Michael has worked as an editor and/or supervisor on over 40 motion pictures. His supervising credits include Bryan Singer's "The Usual Suspects" and "Apt Pupil" as well as Christopher McQuarrie's "The Way of the Gun" (which he mixed at Wilshire Stages, the same facility used to mix Robert Wise's revisited version of "ST:TMP"). As a sound editor, his credits include "Ghost," "Waterworld," "Last Action Hero," "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," "The Hunted" and "The Perfect Score." He's been nominated five times for the Motion Picture Sound Editor's Golden Reel Award for Excellence in Sound Editing. And for some reason he has yet to explain, he's been studying the Japanese language for the past eight years.

Chuck was particularly excited to work on "The Director's Edition," not only because of the project itself and his desire to work with the team David Fein had assembled, but also because the original sound editors on the picture are a "Who's Who" of the best sound supervisors in the industry today — many of whom he has worked for personally. His goal on the project was to not only realize Mr. Wise's vision of the film's completed soundtrack, but to make sure the final, enhanced audio was true to the style and approach of the original sound team.

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