Meyer, Dina

From: Star Trek Nemesis

Caption: Meyer in 2008

Star Trek Nemesis

Episode: MOV 010 - Star Trek Nemesis

Dina Meyer donned eartips and headridges as one of the strongest Romulan characters since the original Star Trek series when she played Commander Donatra  in 2002’s big-screen Star Trek Nemesis. Even with the prosthetics, genre audiences might have recognized here as “Dizzy” Flores from 1997’s Starship Troopers, or as Barbara Gordon, “Batgirl/Oracle” in the DC Comics-based Birds of Prey series for the WB network that ran one year after Nemesis opened.

Meyer, a 1968 native of Queens in New York City, can also be seen most widely as the lead in 1995’s Johnny Pneumonic, and as Det. Allison Kerry in the four Saw slasher movies to date.

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