Planet: Meridian. Some 30 remaining humanoids, distinguished in appearance by Trill-like markings about the outer corner of the eyes, who are descended from survivors of an expedition stranded on Meridian almost a millennia ago. There, the small group was trapped into shifting back and forth between two intersecting dimensions: one of pure consciousness, and the other a mysterious corporeality with a steadily decreasing timeframe. The group only aged and experienced physical sensation when in corporeal form, and as a result, procreation has not been possible. After a startling initial burst, the population since has been suddenly dwindling, with the latest children seen to be at least 6 or 8 "years" old. When discovered by the U.S.S. Defiant in 2371, the invaluable corporeal window was only open for 12 days every 60 years. After a trigger for the rapid shifting in the sun's core was discovered, the window's next appearance was expected to last some 30 years and allow for more stability. The group was informally led by Seltin Rakal.