LeBeuf, Sabrina

From: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Caption: LeBeuf in 2009

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Episode: TNG 256 - Gambit, Part I

She spent much of the classic Cosby Show as the “daughter who lived away from home,” but Sabrina LeBeuf still had plenty of years as Bill Cosby’s onscreen eldest, Sondra Huxtable—a role that ended in 1992. So it was that LeBeuf’s face was still familiar to TV viewers when she appears as “Ensign Giusti” in the two-part episode “Gambit” during Season 6 of TNG only a year later.

Now a resident of Asheville, NC, the 1958 New Orleans native and theatre/acting degree holder from UCLA and Yale later received a degree in interior design from UCLA as well, and has her own business. Her “spare time” goes into mostly Shakespeareans roles in leading regional theatre centers around the country, including the Shakespeare Theatre Company of Washington, DC, and as a participating scholar/play-reader. She also hosted E! Style television’s Homes With Style series, among other credits.


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