Laan, Akorem

Renowned Bajoran poet who disappeared around 2172 (Bajoran year 9174) when he encountered an ion storm while flying his solar-sail vessel, and then re-emerged 200 years later from the wormhole, unaged, and was rescued by Deep Space 9. Apparently being the first Bajoran to encounter the wormhole and the Prophets, Akorem believed he was the true Emissary of the Bajoran people, and Benjamin Sisko willingly relinquished the title to him. Akorem then instituted a series of reforms in Bajoran society to restore the traditional values of his own time, such as the discriminatory D'jarra caste system, but which created conflict among the people and threatened to prevent Bajor's entrance into the Federation. Sisko then challenged Akorem to the title of Emissary, and the two went into the wormhole to ask the Prophets. The Prophets made it clear that Sisko, not Akorem, was the Emissary of Bajoran prophecy, and they returned the dejected Akorem to his own time to live out his life without any memory of the future.

Akorem's literary works included "Kitara's Song" and "Gaudaal's Lament." In the original timeline, his epic poem "The Call of the Prophets" was unfinished when he disappeared, but in the altered timeline, Akorem returned from his solar-sail voyage to complete it.