Kukulkan's ship

Star Trek: The Animated Series
Episode: TAS 22022 - How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth

The godlike being Kukulkan, a creature of immense power, travels the spaceways in a large sleek vessel that is painted red and blue. The ship can project an energy field that showcases a holographic image of Kukulkan, the winged serpent. The interstellar ship is composed entirely of crystalline ceramic, and has a central power source. It also has the ability to generate a globular force field which can absorb energy from ships or their weapons, effectively dampening them and trapping them in place. Inside the ship is a large room that can be used as a holographic environment, as well as another large room that functions as an interplanetary zoo. Kukulkan keeps various alien creatures in the zoo, inside cages that are equipped with holographic environments to keep the beings happy. In 2270 (stardate: 6063.4), the U.S.S. Enterprise encounters Kukulkan's ship, and Captain Kirk and other crew members are transported aboard the feathered serpent vessel.