Kazon shuttle

Star Trek: Voyager
Episode: VOY 121 - Initiations

A smaller version of the Kazon raider composed of a polyduranide alloy. They can be armed with the Kazon blue phasers.
— A one-man shuttle was easily defeated by a Federation shuttlecraft piloted by Commander Chakotay.
— Later, a Kazon shuttle collided with the U.S.S. Voyager, damaging the ship and enabling a Kazon boarding party to enter.
— Kazon-Ogla teen-ager Kal went after Chakotay in a small armed Kazon shuttle, but its shields were no match for a Federation shuttle's phasers; its engine core went critical stage in less than 45 seconds.
— The one Paris escaped in from Culluh's Kazon-Nistrim raider was destroyed.
— The Nistrim have one reinforced to break through Voyager's hull to steal a transporter component.
— Teirna arrived in one without life support and leaking noxious nitrogen tetroxide, as part of the Voyager takeover ruse. — Some were stowed after the Kazon-Nistim commandeering of Voyager, and one was used for escape by Culluh and Seska's baby.