Karla Five's Scout Ship

Operated by Karla Five of Arret — from an antimatter, negative-time universe — this scout ship can attain a speed of warp 36. Karla Five was caught unaware when Amphion, a dead star, went nova and came to life, and she was pulled into the star. Instead of burning up, she passed through an interdimensional gateway formed by Amphion's intersection with the Beta Niobe nova. She found herself in a universe where everything operates in reverse to her own. When she attempted to fly back through the portal before Amphion ceased to be a nova — and doing so at her ship's top speed to avoid burning up — the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise mistakenly believed she was flying to her destruction. When the Enterprise tried to capture the scout ship with a tractor beam, it slowed Karla Five down, but speeded the Enterprise up, and ultimately the starship was pulled into the antimatter universe.

To help the Enterprise crew get back to their own universe, Karla Five sacrificed her scout ship in a plan to reverse their path by creating a new portal. Unmanned, Karla Five's vessel pulled the Enterprise, via tractor beam, at its top speed toward a dead star corresponding with the nova Minara in the positive universe, equipped with enough positive-matter armament to ignite the dead star into life. The scout ship exploded in the dead star as planned, and the scheme worked.