Jor, Crewman Olandra

Human female, former Maquis member who joined the U.S.S. Voyager in 2371 and served in Engineering. Her quarters were located on Deck 4. Crewman Jor was a close friend of Ensign Tabor, and became Tuvok's prime suspect when Tabor was mysteriously attacked in 2377. But then she was attacked in the same manner as Tabor, in the Mess Hall. The perpetrator was actually Tuvok himself, under the influence of mind-control practitioner Teero Anaydis, a Bajoran fanatic in the Alpha Quadrant. Jor was in a coma for 29 hours and recovered on her own, but she then was "programmed" to respond to a Bajoran chant with instructions to help launch a new Maquis rebellion and take control of Voyager. Jor took over the helm on the Bridge and was ready to strand all the Starfleet personnel on a Delta Quadrant planet when Tuvok was able to counter Teero's influence and stop the mutiny, mind-melding Jor and the other affected crewmembers back to normal.