Jaxa, Sito

Caption: Sito tries to fight blind

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Episode: TNG 219 - First Duty

Bajoran female and member of Starfleet Academy's Nova Squadron in 2368. Sito was involved in the accident that destroyed all five ships and killed one of the squadron members. Other members involved in the incident — and subsequent cover-up — included Cadets Nicholas Locarno and Wesley Crusher. After the incident, Sito remained at Starfleet Academy and was assigned to the Enterprise-D after graduation. Onboard Enterprise, Sito found a mentor in Worf and developed close friendships with fellow junior officers Sam Lavelle, Alyssa Ogawa and Taurik. In 2370, she and Lavelle were both considered for promotion. During this time, Captain Picard selected Sito for a dangerous covert mission — she was to accompany Joret Dal, a Cardassian operative for the Federation, on his return to Cardassian space. Dal posed as a bounty hunter, while Sito pretended to be his prisoner. She was supposed to return to Enterprise in an escape pod, but the pod went missing and the remains were found later. It is believed that Sito died attempting to carry out this important mission.