Terrellian pilot, native of a trinary system in the Delta Quadrant, who participated in the Antarian Trans-stellar Rally in 2377 that the Delta Flyer was also entered in. Irina was actually a saboteur who intended to disrupt the fragile peace in the region by causing an explosion at the finish line of the race, killing hundreds of spectators. She was motivated by her isolationist views, finding the mixing of species very uncomfortable. She came across the Delta Flyer in an asteroid field and challenged the pilots, Lt. Paris and Ensign Kim, to a "drag race." When her vessel appeared to malfunction, she was "rescued" by Paris and Kim — the latter whom developed an immediate attraction to her — and she informed the U.S.S. Voyager crewmen about the rally. It turns out Irina was manipulating the situation in order to rig the Flyer to explode during the race. Kim uncovered Irina's plot in time to warn Paris and Lt. Torres on the Flyer, allowing them just enough time to eject the core in a nebula and prevent a catastrophe.